Tiger stripes.

Cat & pizza.

Seahawks games are way too damn stressful for someone who just wants to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

Sky on fire.

Diving into the new job today and I’m feeling the bug to get more organized. I’ve already built a shortcut while on break to automate a list for every day I work.

The Verge on updating their background policy

Atari Unveils New Logo, Games, And More For 50th Anniversary

Cool stuff.

If you were to tell me Dan Mullen and Scott Frost would be asked to do the same exact thing to keep their jobs, within the same week, despite the last couple of years being completely different between Florida and Nebraska, I wouldn’t have seen any way that could be possible.

Just wanted to point out fellow Micro.blogger @smithtimmytim has opened his online shop Friendly Alien. Some cool designs there.

I have realized by working the ten hour days I plan on working, I’ll neither see the sun rise or set on those days.