🔗 Eddie Vedder Says Pearl Jam Were Almost ‘Crushed’ By Success of ‘Ten’ - Eddie Vedder Says Ten ‘Getting Too Big’ Almost ‘Crushed’ Pearl Jam - SPIN

🔗 Shyne: One of Belize’s most powerful politicians is a former Bad Boy rapper.

Crazy! Shyne has been through a lot.

🔗 MLB reveals first-ever in-game All-Star jerseys

Hey look, Major League Baseball is giving us something literally nobody asked for. ⚾️

I discovered this morning my MacBook fits in my desk drawer. I’ll hide all the things!

🔗 Seattle, Portland gearing up for hottest weather ever recorded - Axios

I feel for my friends who live up there. I know many folks in the area do not have air conditioning. It’s not supposed to be this hot there.

I finally got around to ordering a cable management system for my desk. I look forward to having everything hidden away.

Watching hockey with my buddy in my lap. #GoBolts 🐈

Pretty much every NBA mock draft I’ve seen so far has Jonathan Kuminga going to the Magic. I might have to look up this kid’s tape. 🏀

I deleted all of my social networking apps off my phone again. The act of digging around my phone for those apps is the addiction in action isn’t it?

Notion looks interesting. Why am I like this?

Maybe MLB Should Use Japanese Baseballs

Last night was a disaster with the MLB’s new policy cracking down on pitchers doctoring baseballs. We saw Phillies manager Joe Girardi have Washington pitcher Max Scherzer checked multiple times. That had Scherzer irate, and the situation eventually saw Girardi ejected from the game. Scherzer said after the game he was only using rosin, which is legal and readily available on the mound.

Later, we saw Oakland A’s pitcher Sergio Romo basically drop his pants in protest of a check for illegal substances as well. All of this goes to the grip on American baseballs, which are said to be very smooth. Pitchers will use their saliva, rosin, or even a little sunscreen to get a better grip on the ball, which provides greater control. This has been deemed acceptable across the league, since hitters feel better about a pitcher being less likely to have a ball slip out of their hand and having the pitch fly towards a hitter’s head.

However, the crack down has come into play since offensive numbers have dipped to lows not seen in decades, and much of that has been attributed to pitchers doctoring balls with different adhesives. These substances increase the spin rate on the ball, allowing it to curve and dip much later and sharper than before. Hitters are basically having the rug pulled out from them at the last second.

I’ve heard for years Japanese baseballs used in Nippon Professional Baseball are different from those used in MLB. Here’s Joshua Diemert, writing for Pinstripe Alley:

Since adopting an official baseball supplied by Mizuno in 2011, NPB baseballs have come pre-tacked with a proprietary polymer substance that adds a layer of “tack” to the ball fresh out of the box. NPB umpires can then bring these balls into play without needing to rub them with some magic Delaware River mud, and critically, enforce crackdowns on foreign substance use. Pitchers already start with an ideal amount of tack on the ball for control, any additional doctoring is not tolerated.

That makes it sound like the solution is right in front of this. We’ll have to wait and see what MLB does down the road on this matter, but it seems like a tackier baseball out the box and regulating any foreign substances is the way to go. Maybe you still permit rosin, but nothing else. One way or another, baseball needs to figure this out.


Your morning lap cat action! 🐈

Life as a Mariners fan: when the M’s win five in a row over winning teams and don’t pick up a single game in the standings. ⚾️

Much like Remy did when he was a kitten, I now have young Griffey glued to the window as a thunderstorm moves through my area. 🐈 ⛈

How about those Atlanta Hawks!

🔗 Iconfactory releases sequel to Frenzic

I’m ready for game seven. 🏀

The College World Series begins today in Omaha. I love this event, even when my Gators are not a part of it. It’s always a great atmosphere there. ⚾️

There’s a bug on the window! 🐈

Go Hawks! Let’s close this out tonight.

I think he’s happy I’m home. 🐈

🔗 iPadOS 15: Hands-on with Apple’s Weather app for iPad


📍Truist Park, Atlanta, GA

⚾️ Braves v. Red Sox

My cousin Stephen and his lady Diane tied the knot today. Congrats you two!

📍Monroe, Georgia

If you’ve ever seen the film Hidden Figures, this is the courthouse that was in it.