An Escape

If there’s one thing about having a kitten, it’s when they get active they tend to stay active for quite some time. This makes it hard for me to sort my thoughts out sometimes, which I need to do when I come home from work, for example.

Luckily, I have a place in my home to escape. I have a desk in my bedroom which only has a desk lamp on it. My bedroom itself is fairly quiet. I have a small TV and a HomePod in here, but outside of the TV I have no electronics that emit a huge amount of light. I purposely keep any computers and hard drives out of this room to limit nighttime distractions.

It also gives me a place I can go to journal, like I’m doing now. I’m able to close the door, sit at my desk, and type away on my iPad. I have a fan running at all times in here which adds a small amount of white noise, but even with the window open, it’s still pleasantly quiet in here. Thankfully, Griffey doesn’t pound on closed doors like my previous cat Remy did.

I’m not always able, or even willing, to take a walk. I just need to remember I have this spot.

Taco Tuesday!
📍 Muchachos, Lincoln, NE
⏰ 5:55 PM

Sounders' Raúl Ruidíaz Tests Positive for COVID-19

Jeremiah Oshan, writing for Sounder At Heart:

As if anyone needed a reminder that Covid-19 is still an ongoing risk, Raúl Ruidíaz is among four positive tests within the Peru national team, according to ESPN Peru. Ruidíaz is apparently not participating in today’s training session while awaiting the results of a second test.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding CONMEBOL having World Cup qualifiers now, with MLS clubs petitioning to FIFA to allow their clubs to hold players back. This is in part because MLS clubs fly privately whereas CONMEBOL would have players fly commercial. That said, MLS clubs haven’t been immune to COVID outbreaks, as was the case for FC Dallas and Nashville SC earlier this year and with Colorado Rapids who’ve now had to postpone seven MLS matches due to an outbreak.

Here’s to hoping Raúl comes out of this ok.

Griffey is getting more and more cuddly.

RIP Hall of Farmer, Joe Morgan ⚾️

I have a kitten with a case of the zoomies and I’ve had to protect my coffee at least three times now. 🐈

Griffey has used this little hideaway more than Remy ever did. Glad he’s using all the cat stuff I have. 🐈

Watching the French Open final. Nadal is dominating at the moment. 🎾

Left Hand Brewing White Russian 🍺

Name: White Russian
Style: White Stout
Brewer: Left Hand Brewing - Longmont, Colorado
ABV: 8.9%
IBU: 20
Rating: 3/5
Notes: Like a liquified toasted marshmallow.

An Ode to Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Just about everyday, I see people fumble through self-checkout lines. I watch as they tap around the screen, try to figure out which payment option to select, fumble with their cards or cash, maybe wait for change, then fumble around with the purse or wallet before gathering their stuff and leaving.

Me, I scan my items, hit total, double click the button on my Apple Watch to trigger Apple Pay, wave my watch in front of the reader, then collect my receipt. No fumbling around with cash, cards, wallets, or purses. This doesn’t even touch on pandemic related issues.

Photogenic furball. 🐈

One of my favorite Seattle icons could be in danger

Megan Burbank, writing for The Seattle Times:

A demolition permit has been filed for the iconic Elephant Car Wash, which has operated at the corner of Battery Street and Denny Way since 1956. City records show that Seattle property management company Clise Properties applied for the permit on Oct. 4, a development first reported by the Daily Journal of Commerce.

However, the salvage assessment filed with the permit application states that the area to be demolished covers no more than 750 square feet of the property. According to the site plan filed with the demolition application, the footprint of the existing car wash is 4,701 square feet.

It is not clear whether the car wash’s iconic rotating sign will be affected by the demolition. Designed by Seattle’s “Queen of Neon,” Beatrice Haverfield, the pink elephant sign was installed in 1956, and is composed of bent neon with 380 blinking lights. Over the years, the sign has become one of Seattle’s most popular landmarks, and has even appeared in commercials and TV shows about the city.

I love this damn sign. It’s big, bright, and just freaking happy. It adds to the little quirks about Seattle that I love. Back in 2017, I purposely got a hotel just up the street from the Denny Triangle, where the sign sits and got lucky enough to have a window view of the thing. Here’s to hoping it’s preserved.

UPDATE: It looks like the sign will be donated to the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle’s South Lake Union district. More from the Seattle Times:

The pink elephant sign — designed by Seattle’s “Queen of Neon,” Beatrice Haverfield — will be donated to the Museum of History and Industry in South Lake Union, which boasts an already-impressive collection of neon signage from other defunct and departed Seattle businesses, including the original Rainier Brewery ‘R,’ the 26-foot-tall Washington Natural Gas blue flame and many more.

In the post-World War II era when neon began adorning Seattle businesses, it “represented sophistication, a little bit of glamor,” said MOHAI director Leonard Garfield. “Particularly after the war, Seattle was beginning to fill the role of a city on the world stage. The Elephant Car Wash sign is part of that tradition — but with an element of whimsy.”

“There’s a reason they only serve fruit cake once a year. Because it’s awful. And there’s a reason they only serve candy corn once a year. Because it’s awful.”

– Mike Leach

Never mind all the toys I’ve bought for Griffey. So far this morning he’s already played with:

  • A toilet paper roll
  • One of my winter gloves
  • A receipt


It’s getting to be that time of year when sunset sneaks up on me.

Congratulations to the Seattle Storm on their fourth WNBA championship! 🏀

🔗 Internet-enabled male chastity cage can be remotely locked by hackers - The Verge

RIP Eddie Van Halen.

Revision Mode in Ulysses v21 looks enticing. Just wish it had full on MicroPub support, but I think I could work with it.

🎶 Listening: Georgia - Started Out

Trump, Laboring to Breathe, Says He’s Fine and Everything Else Will Be Too if You Just Believe Him

Elliot Hannon, writing for Slate:

It seems like Trump was going for a real FDR moment, but instead was laying down end of days messianic dictator vibes. We’ll have to wait for the polling, or actual voting, but the painfully forced theatrics might juuust be coming off to the American people more like the crazy uncle who’s lost it and checked himself out of the hospital against medical advice and now is standing on your front doorstep wearing a hospital gown wanting to run the government again. Despite the propaganda of personal wellness whirling in Trump’s head, during his return to the White House, when not staging his own vitality, the president looked bad. And is breathing appeared labored.

The problem I have here is this president has given me no reason to believe him on anything.

I’ll forever be blown away by how much cheaper off-brand tension headache meds are compared to the name brand.

🔗 Daring Fireball: Most of Scottish Wikipedia Was Written by an American in Mangled ‘Groundskeeper Willie’-Style English

Anyone who believes Tr*mp was sent from God has never paid attention to the teachings of love, kindness, and treating others as you’d want them to treat yourself.