17 Sep 2021

It’s official! The Seattle Mariners will host the 2023 MLB All-Star Game. Just in time for this franchise to take off again… hopefully. ⚾️

16 Sep 2021

Feeling Like a Tourist

And if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born Then it’s time to go And define your destination Th...
16 Sep 2021

I just ran my grocery list shortcut on my Mac for the first time. It’s a simple thing, but as someone who lives in Spotlight for launching apps and actions, Shortcuts on the Mac is a great addition.

15 Sep 2021

Griffey watching The Masked Singer. 🐈

15 Sep 2021

My braided solo loop band on my Apple Watch was collecting a little dirt. A little water and dish soap cleaned it right up. Just let it dry overnight.

14 Sep 2021

Looks like cycling detection is a WatchOS 8 feature.

14 Sep 2021

Guided meditations with Fitness+ have my attention. I kinda miss having Headspace around, but didn’t use it enough to justify a yearly subscription. The Fitness+ option sounds like a happy medium.

14 Sep 2021

Of all the Apple product announcements today, the Watch Series 7 is the only one that intrigues me, and that’s only because it comes in dark green. But, I’d then would have a bunch of ill-matching bands, so I’m better off sticking with my Space Grey Series 5.

13 Sep 2021

Now that the Gators have gotten past what a friend calls the “kick the puppy” games, I can finally get into the Florida football season. With that, I’ve updated my home and lock screens.

12 Sep 2021

Instagram’s lack of an iPad app speaks to their non-focus towards photography.

12 Sep 2021

Trying out the Ink theme on my site. I still have some things to figure out with my CSS, but I got it mostly to where I want to be in about 30 minutes.

12 Sep 2021

Good morning! It’s gameday! #GoHawks

11 Sep 2021

Good morning! It’s gameday! #PurpleReign

10 Sep 2021

Just passed a guy with a Nebraska Huskers shirt on that says “3NOut”, except the Blackshirts logo was the “O”, so it looked like it said “3Nut” instead.

Design matters.

09 Sep 2021

Mozerella cheese stick burger w/ a Guinness. 🍔 🍺

09 Sep 2021

UW Recruiting Class Ranked No. 24 by Baseball America - University of Washington Athletics

Sounds like a good class so far. Also, kudos to UW for reporting this since Baseball America puts these rankings behind a paywall.

09 Sep 2021

Queen Arya 🐈‍⬛

06 Sep 2021

Niobrara River

Yesterday, we took the short drive over to the Niobrara River to get outside for a little bit. It was nice to hear nothi...
05 Sep 2021

Watching the 1966 Batman movie and I’m fully convinced Jeff Goldblum could be Batman.

04 Sep 2021

The early evening sky above Bassett, Nebraska.

03 Sep 2021

Oh My Fucking God, Get the Fucking Vaccine Already, You Fucking Fucks

Wendy Molyneux, writing for McSweeney’s: The vaccine also doesn’t have a fucking 5G chip in it. What the fuck do ...
02 Sep 2021

What I thought was a bug in the macOS Monterey beta is apparently a feature. Option clicking on the time gives the option to dim it. Has this always been here?

01 Sep 2021

One thing about Nebraska is once you get out of the big cities and off I-80, getting a cell signal can be tough (unless you have Verizon). I’m heading to my girlfriend’s home town of Bassett and thought I’d use Day One to log my observations. I’m curious to see how the metadata is plugged in without a live signal.

31 Aug 2021

One thing about having smart lights around the house when you lose power is when the power comes back on all the lights do too wether you want them to or not.

29 Aug 2021

Griffey seems to enjoy sleeping in my lap while I watch TV in my personal room. My girlfriend and I both have our own personal spaces to escape to outside of the community spaces we share. The cats like this setup also.