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On Switching from 1Password to Apple Keychain

I’ve been wondering if I should move all my account logins from 1Password to Apple Keychain. I’ve actually supported my mom using Apple Keychain for her logins since it’s baked into iOS and therefore simpler to use. For me though, I’ve stored everything from checking account info and software keys in 1Password and I’ve wondered how I could access those without 1Password. Justin Cox has a good idea: I also use 1Password to secure important details — insurance numbers, license plates, rewards program account numbers, and other things you can never find when they’re needed.

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“I remember designing the Notes app, while Raymond and Laurent did Calendar and Address Book. We sat next to each other, and during our coffee and tea breaks we’d take a guess at the type of stitching Steve would approve.”

Angela Guzman, former designer at Apple

Well, I’m back on the beta train. iOS 15.1 is an update I’ve been looking forward to, so call me a little impatient. This update includes SharePlay which, along with allowing users to enjoy different types of media via FaceTime, it also finally brings screen sharing to iOS. This is huge for troubleshooting with my mom’s iPhone since we live an hour apart. So, thought I’d test things out, so I know how to go about things when I need to.

I initially missed the Steve Jobs tribute on Apple’s front page yesterday. Luckily, Tim Cook tweeted out the video that was shared on that page. Such a remarkable, tireless mind. Steve is still missed. 

Cable Management Project

For a while, I’ve wanted to tuck the cords at my desk away. Today I achieved that goal. It’s just a much cleaner look. Shoutout to Edward Lee for his YouTube tutorial on how to do this. I’m pleased with the results.

Read-Only Twitter

On the latest episode of The Talk Show with John Gruber, guest Marco Arment mentions how since, he hasn’t paid for Tweetbot as of late, he’s using it as a read-only Twitter client. He says it’s actually more enjoyable this way. This got me thinking about how I could go about this. I use Feedbin for my RSS feeds, which support following a single Twitter account or a Twitter list. Retweets can be disabled, so that I’m only getting original content.

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Creating a Few Less Distractions

More and more, I’m becoming more about having my tech make as little sound as possible. The exclusion to this would be my smart speakers, since that’s literally their job. But, that’s good noise. What I don’t want are the various sounds that come from the different phones, tablets, and computers in my home. It’s because of this I’m a considerable fan of silent mode on my devices. Increasingly, however, I’ve started using Do Not Disturb more.

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Apple Watch Pride Braided Solo Loop Band

I love Apple’s solo loop bands for the Apple Watch. They provide a minimal yet classy look for the device while still having a good fit around the wrist. Personally, I bought the dark green braided solo loop earlier this year, and it continues to be one of my favorite bands. A couple of weeks ago, Apple announced their new Pride bands for the year. One is a Nike sport loop band with the basic Pride colors and some reflective material made for runners.

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There’s a part of me that’s really starting to like some of Andriod’s design choices.

Apple Music Lossless requires wired headphones, AirPods will only get Spatial Audio

Filipe Espósito, writing for 9to5Mac: To make things simple, here’s the hardware needed for each new Apple Music feature: Lossless: a wired headphone (except for AirPods Max with Lightning/3.5mm cable) Hi Res Lossless: a wired headphone connected to an external DAC Spatial Audio: any AirPods or Beats model with Apple’s W1 or H1 chip (Apple says that users can manually enable this option for other headphones) On a related note, Apple Music Lossless will not work with HomePod or HomePod mini.

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