The state of Georgia had to fuck around and find out. They just lost the MLB All-Star Game in Atlanta thanks to the voter suppression tactics of state Republicans.

Between watching Baylor women’s coach Kim Mulkey struggle with keeping her mask straight and then saying they should get rid of Covid testing during the Final Four, I’m kind of glad that foul wasn’t called now. This also wasn’t her first time saying something stupid.

Mike Gastineau’s account of how Sonics fans won’t let this team die is spot on. It’s probably a little cult-like, and I can’t really explain it, but I get more excited talking about the Sonics than I do anything else basketball related. Sonics Forever is worth checking out.

Squatch arrived today!!! 🏀 #SonicsForever

The Orlando Magic are starting over. Again. 🏀

If you want to see why I don’t mind paying for a service, just check the difference in articles between ESPN and The Athletic. The amount of click bait on ESPN is getting out of hand.

I’m looking forward to the Seattle Mariners commercials this year, as always. ⚾️

RIP Elgin Baylor 🏀

Ah, the point for an overtime loss. Where you actually get something for a moral victory.

A powerful statement from the University of South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley. She’s right in every front. 🏀

LeBron James becomes part owner of the Red Sox.

I noticed this morning the Gators open SEC play this year against Alabama. So the Gators will be starting 2-1. 🏈

Never forget the Kingdome kitten.

Seattle Storm Unveil New Logo & Identity


The new logo retains the iconic image of the Space Needle, which sits within basketball ribs. Overlooking it all is the peak of Mount Rainier, representing Seattle’s home in the Pacific Northwest. At the center, a lightning bolt evokes the intensity, power, and purpose of the Storm identity both on and off the court.

The logo’s combined elements bring together both the sleek, innovative aesthetic of Seattle with the natural power in the surrounding Pacific Northwest. The new wordmark uses a more futuristic typeface to better represent the fast-paced and forward-moving city the Storm calls home.

The primary colors, Lightning Yellow, a deep Thunder Green, and a brighter Bolt Green, maintain the legacy of the original Storm brand.

This is the first time the Storm have updated their logo, aside from subtracting the 90s-era Sonics red from the original look in 2015. The Storm came into the WNBA as an expansion team in 2000 as a sister club to the NBA’s SuperSonics. They’ve remained the only professional basketball presence in the city since the Sonics were stolen from Seattle in 2008. Their persistence in using some form of the Sonics original green and gold always makes me smile.

My James Paxton bobble head is once again current! ⚾️

The Buccaneers have a unique Super Bowl roster

Was looking at the Buccaneers roster and found something rather unique about them. They don’t have a single player on their current roster from these schools:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Florida State
  • Miami
  • FAU
  • FIU
  • UCF

How? In fact, the only player from a Florida school on the Bucs roster is Jason Pierre-Paul, who was a South Florida Bull. I’m going to have to dig a little to see when the last time a team won the Super Bowl without a single Alabama, Florida, Florida State, or Miami player. Kansas City has two from UF and one from FSU.

Finally, the Super Bowl will have a home team.

One thing about watching your team lose in the first round is you can watch the rest of the playoffs with no stress.

RIP Tommy Lasorda

Florida v. Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl tonight.

  • On one hand, since this isn’t the playoff, I’m kind of whatever on the result.
  • On the other, I hope these kids play for pride. Top four receivers are out for UF, so there’s opportunities to be made. Let’s get a win!

Go Gators!

RIP Phil Niekro ⚾️

Adam Silver acknowledges possibility of NBA expansion

Tim Bontemps, writing for

Should the league choose to expand, Seattle would likely be first in line. Seattle nearly got the Sacramento Kings in 2013 before Vivek Ranadive bought the team and kept it in Sacramento. Seattle hasn’t had a team since the SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City in 2008.

I’ve had the feeling it wouldn’t be long, with Cimate Change Arena (formerly the Seattle Center Colosseum aka Key Arena) nearly complete, the return of the SuperSonics couldn’t be far off. The sentiment I’ve heard a few times now is that the guys with the Seattle Kraken wanted a couple seasons alone, so hockey could gain a foothold in the region. I’ve also gathered that the hockey guys know some basketball guys. Another note, but Kraken ownership also stated they would not use any form of a green & gold color scheme, stating that was reserved for the Supes. It all adds up to me, in my estimation, we could see the Sonics again by 2025.

Bring ‘em back!!!

MLB recognizes Negro Leagues as an official major league

Anthony Castrovince, writing for

Addressing what MLB described as a “long overdue recognition,” Commissioner Rob Manfred on Wednesday bestowed Major League status upon seven professional Negro Leagues that operated between 1920 and 1948. The decision means that the approximately 3,400 players of the Negro Leagues during this time period are officially considered Major Leaguers, with their stats and records becoming a part of Major League history.

It’s about time! Now, can we get Buck O’Neil into the Hall of Fame?

The Egg Bowl Butterfly Effect

Max Olson and Bruce Feldman, writing for The Athletic (subscription):

The losers of the 2019 Egg Bowl seemed determined to fire their coach, but ultimately, neither Ole Miss’ Matt Luke nor Mississippi State’s Joe Moorhead could save their jobs after that fateful Thanksgiving night in Starkville. The rivals’ offseason coaching changes didn’t just affect the members of their respective staffs. Those firings ended up impacting the jobs of nearly 300 coaches or staffers throughout the country.

Fifty-two FBS schools lost or hired a coach or off-field staffer as a result of the post-Egg Bowl shakeups. FCS, Division II, D-III, junior college, high school and even six NFL staffs were affected. When all of the families involved are taken into account, the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people were changed.


In total, the coaching transition at Ole Miss impacted the jobs of at least 134 coaches and staffers. The new regime at Mississippi State generated even more ripples, affecting the employment of at least 153 people. And that’s a relatively conservative count, considering how support staffs in college football have grown deeper over the past decade.

This counting does not include positions that remain unfilled. Nor does it account for every assistant strength coach, every equipment manager and video coordinator, every student worker and secretary. All of their fates are truly tied to the head coach. And those who ended up at South Carolina and Utah State at the end of last offseason’s shuffle are already facing the prospect of going through this whole process again, as those programs became the first to fire coaches this fall.

The high-paid staffers command the headlines. Head coaches and assistants have multi-year deals, buyouts and money saved away for tough times. Kiffin inked a $16.2 million deal at Ole Miss that guaranteed a salary pool of $5.3 million for his 10 assistants. Leach now makes $5 million annually. It’s the younger staff members, with less experience and fewer connections, who have to fight the hardest to stay in this business.

It’s crazy how many lives are affected by the hiring and firing of football head coaches.

⚾️ Seattle Mariners Podcast No. 675

Remembering the late great Dave Niehaus 10 years later. Lots of Mariners memories here.