I created a new page on my site, called Extras, for things I haven’t publicly listed before. Included are:

  • Tech Support - basically a resource for my mom, but useful to anyone.
  • Black Owned Business in Lincoln, NE
  • My personal wish list

New Home?

I’ve had my personal site hosted for a good part of the last two years or so at Micro.blog, a service that is very much in favor of open web standards and stands as an advocate of owning your personal content on a space you can call your own over dumping everything into closed, proprietary social media silos. My personal thoughts are very much in line with this.

I’m also a former design student and I still hold many of the principles of page layout. I care about spacing, content placement, balance, symmetry, and so on. When I want an image or video to be in a certain spot, I don’t want any issues in placing it there. In those respects, Micro.blog can be a bit limited. I can usually place images wherever I want with no problem with apps like Drafts 5 or MarsEdit. However, videos can be an issue. In MarsEdit, I can place a video where I want, but it doesn’t write the HTML code in a way that’s friendly to Micro.blog. There’s no option I’m aware of for videos in Drafts 5. When it comes to publishing, I don’t care for limitations much and don’t really want to rely on workarounds.

So, this makes me want to look at my options. I tinker with Wordpress from time to time, but to really get what I want from them I’d have to pay much more per month than I’d like to. Cost has always been an issue, so that’s steered me away from services like Ghost as well. This brings me back to Squarespace.

I gave Squarespace a look a few months ago, but found them missing features from before as they were going through a transition to a new version. Importing from an old site wasn’t an option at the time, for example. On giving them a look today, I’m finding a lot of those holes filled. I can place photos where I want them, even after the fact where I can drag them around and place them where I like. I can use block quotes and code snippets, just like before. The only limitation I’m finding at the moment are link throughs, which I would use on the titles of link posts.

Going forward, I’m going to experiment a little. I’m not sure how micro posts will cross post via RSS to Micro.blog or how things will look on Twitter. I may keep posting (more Twitter-esque) micro posts to Micro.blog directly. I’ll look to import longer posts to this blog and we’ll go from there.

Hope this site works out for me and for those of you who read it.