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The Photos widget on my iPad brought up a memory of photos featuring my cat Remy. I still miss this big guy.

It’s Sneaking Up On Me Fast

Moving day is next week. Two weeks ago, when I thought about this date, it seemed like it was a ways off. It was nothing to be too concerned about and things didn’t have to be done right away. This morning the thought hit me, “holy shit, I move next week!”. I still have a few little things to take care of, like notifying utilities I plan to move and putting a change of address in for USPS.

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Much like Remy did when he was a kitten, I now have young Griffey glued to the window as a thunderstorm moves through my area. 🐈 ⛈

Griffey is finally using Remy’s old cat bed. I love to see this. 🐈

An Escape

If there’s one thing about having a kitten, it’s when they get active they tend to stay active for quite some time. This makes it hard for me to sort my thoughts out sometimes, which I need to do when I come home from work, for example. Luckily, I have a place in my home to escape. I have a desk in my bedroom which only has a desk lamp on it.

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Griffey has used this little hideaway more than Remy ever did. Glad he’s using all the cat stuff I have. 🐈

Remy’s Home

I got the call tonight Remy’s remains were ready for me to pick up after he was cremated. When the vet handed him to me, it felt nice to be able to hold him again. His ashes have been placed in a burlap sack. It was easy for my finger to linger against it in the same way it would when I’d scratch his chin, given the fuzziness of the bag.

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It’s Been a Week

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since I gave Remy up. Mornings are still the time that feels the most empty. I miss those morning purrs and snuggles. I miss the overall morning routine we had. It was nice to start the day with a bit of happiness. I imagine I won’t last long without a pet. There’s been times where my place has been just a little too quiet.

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Rest Well, Remy

This is one of the toughest posts I've ever had to write. On Friday evening, I had to let my buddy Remy go. Over the past couple of weeks, I've chronicled his struggles. Long story short, we found a mass in his chest near his heart, that mass was causing fluid buildup around his lungs affecting his breathing, and in general his time was limited with that mass meaning he would slowly lose his internal bodily functions as his body couldn't fight any more.

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