Daily Reading for April 28, 2019


Seattle’s cranes kept coming — and until now, operated safely | The Seattle Times

In my visits to Seattle, it was hard not to notice the cranes. At times I found it comical how many would get into a photo, especially in South Lake Union. Unfortunately, yesterday happened. I feel for those affected.

Trump Rallies Supporters As White House Correspondents Gala Celebrates The Free : NPR

In Washington, the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, an annual comedic event, was light on jokes and replete instead with warnings about the consequences of attacks on the free press.

Meanwhile, President Trump rallied supporters in Green Bay, touting economic growth and repeating familiar calls of “fake news” to a cheering crowd.

Very telling, to say the least.

Alaskan halibut, caught by a century-old Seattle boat, provides a glimpse of Amazon’s strategy with Whole Foods | The Seattle Times

Whole Foods touted a rarely seen promotional price for halibut as part of its ongoing campaign to revise the grocery chain’s high-cost reputation while maintaining its image for quality and sustainability.

“Whole Foods is one of the better ones, to be honest with you,” Bassi said. “But you know, Whole Foods, whole paycheck. … They usually do charge way more for everything than anywhere else. Which really surprises me that they’re selling this for $16-something a pound, because they’re not making anything on it.”

I have a Whole Foods walking distance from me and I’ve been thinking about them more often for things like fresh produce which are seeing a drop in price their. Jeff Bezos and Amazon have their bad qualities, but if they continue to make prices at Whole Foods more reasonable, then that’s a benefit to everybody.


A Starter Guide for Going iPad Pro Only – The Brooks Review

Of all the guides about using an iPad Pro as an everyday device, this one makes the most sense and is the most realistic.

Science & Tech

Scientists Discover Nearly 200,000 Kinds of Ocean Viruses | WIRED

Some scientists have speculated that viruses could someday be used to tweak the carbon cycle and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, according to Suttle. Zayed, who became interested in viruses while studying phage therapy as an alternative to antibiotics for treating infections, calls this potentially risky geoengineering scheme “phage therapy for the environment.”


Daily Reading for April 27, 2019


Fallen crane kills four in South Lake Union: ‘It was terrifying’ | The Seattle Times

This is a bit jolting.

Nearly 700 from LA universities still in measles quarantine | The Seattle Times

Thanks, anti-vaxers.


3 Ways iOS 13 Will Make You More Productive

I’m still taking much of this as rumor for now. That said, I’m very curious what iOS 13 brings us.

Overcast Adds Simple Podcast Video Clip Sharing – MacStories

I technically have a podcast account here, as it’s part of the video setup on this page. I’ll always take another option for sharing content.


Gators Power Past Kentucky - Florida Gators

Both of these teams need wins badly. Florida has slid out of the top 25 after starting the year as one of the top ranked teams. They’re currently hoping to hang on to the right to host a regional. Kentucky is just hoping to make the SEC Tournament. Big win for the Gators last night.

2019 NFL Draft: D.K. Metcalf drafted by Seattle Seahawks - Team Speed Kills

This looks like one door opening as another closes in Seattle, as D.K. Metcalf looks to be the replacement for Doug Baldwin, who’s career may be done due to injuries.

Taylor, Polite Chosen on Day 2 of 2019 NFL Draft - Florida Gators

Congrats to the Gators selected on Day 2 of the NFL Draft. Yet another Gator heading to Jacksonville.

Murphy, Sample, Rapp Selected In Second Round Of NFL Draft - University of Washington Athletics

And congrats to the Huskies selected on Day 2. That makes four Huskies selected so far.

Why the Seattle Seahawks selected LB Ben Burr-Kirven with pick 142 - Field Gulls

Make that another Husky selected. I always love when the Seahawks pick up former Washington players.

Trio of Gators Selected on Day Three of 2019 NFL Draft - Florida Gators

For the fifth-straight year, at least five Gators were selected in the NFL Draft.

What I'm Reading - July 12, 2018


Papa John’s Founder Quits As Chairman After Using The N-Word During Conference Call - Good riddance!

U.S. Reopens Investigations Into Emmett Till Slaying - I’m always skeptical over cases like this. One one hand, I hope we get some real answers. On the other, I feel like it’s far too late to hand down any repercussions. I also find it odd in the age of the Sessions-led DoJ.


Seattle Mariners

Jean Segura wins American League Final Vote - Jean Segura becomes the fourth All-Star for the Mariners this year. The Pacific Northwest really came through with the votes. Myself, I voted 20 times.

James Paxton to start Thursday vs. Angels - The M’s are moving Paxton up a day into Felix Hernandez’s spot, who was placed on the DL Wednesday. The plan is to let Felix rest through the All-Star break. This could also leave the door open for Paxton to pitch in the All-Star game, if pitchers selected eliminate themselves from participating by pitching this coming weekend. Paxton would be a more than worthy replacement.

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Tragedies: 1-26 - Canal Street Chronicles - As if anyone needed a reminded of how bad early Saints teams were, here’s a look back to 1977, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came into the Superdome with a franchise record of 0-26 and left with their first win in franchise history.

Florida Gators

Gators’ Elite Non-Conference Schedule Announced - Florida Gators - Florida basketball scheduling in ways Florida football doesn’t.

Tim Tebow Named to UF’s Ring of Honor - Florida Gators - I honestly thought he was up there already. Either way, it’s a given being he’s one of three Heisman Trophy winners in school history and has a statue outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.


Apple MacBook Pro 2018: Price, Specs, Release Date | WIRED - The specs look nice. But, the keyboard. We’ll see.


Listen to Childish Gambino’s Two New Summer Songs: “Summertime Magic” & “Feels Like Summer” - We heard one of these tracks during Gambino’s SNL appearance back in May. The man continues showing his versatility.

Dr. Dre is Currently Mixing Anderson .Paak’s New Album - I’m very excited for this project.


How to Teach a Cat to ‘Handshake’ Upon Request - Between this and using the toilet, it may be far too late for my cat.