The last time we did this interview, you told me to go heavy on the cryptocurrency game. I did. We’re down 40%. Then I lost my job. Gretchen just wants a new comforter. Fuck you, Aaron Rodgers!

Kenny Mayne

Taco Time on Twitter:

Eating an entire Crisp Burrito while making uninterrupted eye contact with a seagull is a rush, no doubt. But some shorebirds see this as a blatant act of aggression, while others may find it flirtatious. Proceed with caution.

Stop Asian Hate

Shannon Lee in response to the terrorist attack in Atlanta and the rising tide of violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States over the past year:

This is where “kung flu” leads. You think it’s a joke and that we shouldn’t be so serious about it. But then there are those who latch onto it with hatred and xenophobia and use it to fuel their fear and contempt until it explodes into heinous acts. This is what happens when we try to break the oneness into separate parts and decide to categorize and rank the parts as good and bad, better or worse, belonging or not belonging. What would it cost you to decide we are all one family? But really? What is lost by transforming contempt to acceptance? It’s time to look within and ask yourself, do I want to be at peace? Can I operate from love? Will I stand with my human family and embody the end of hate? You’re invited to the family gathering. Please join us.

Shannon Lee

On Solitude

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the entirety of Storr’s list of remarkable lives, as well as many of the other historical examples cited above, focus on men. As Virginia Woolf argued in her 1929 feminist manifesto, A Room of One’s Own, this imbalance should not come as a surprise. Woolf would agree with Storr that solitude is a prerequisite for original and creative thought, but she would then add that women had been systematically denied both the literal and figurative room of their own in which to cultivate this state. To Woolf, in other words, solitude is not a pleasant diversion, but instead a form of liberation from the cognitive oppression that results in its absence.

In Woolf’s time, women were denied this liberation by a patriarchal society. In our time, this oppression is increasingly self-“inflicted by our preference for the distraction of the digital screen. This is the theme taken up by a Canadian social critic named Michael Harris in his 2017 book, also titled Solitude. Harris is concerned that new technologies help create a culture that undermines time alone with your thoughts, noting that “it matters enormously when that resource is under attack.” His survey of the relevant literature then points to three crucial benefits provided by solitude: “new ideas; an understanding of the self; and closeness to others.

– Cal Newport in his book Digital Minimalism

“I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do.”

— James Baldwin

Patrick Rhone on Rhoneisms:

This is who we are. The sooner we reckon with that the sooner we can get to the real question we should be asking; Is this who we want to continue to be?

Not I.

“There’s a reason they only serve fruit cake once a year. Because it’s awful. And there’s a reason they only serve candy corn once a year. Because it’s awful.”

– Mike Leach

“You can’t spell “championship” without “ham”!

– Roger Bennett, Men in Blazers

“They survive by evolving.”

– John T. Edge on the farmers of Hodgenville, Kentucky (TrueSouth, S2 E2)

“There’s nothing any of the guys on our present roster or the guys who are part of our plan moving forward did to create the negative drag for where the Mariners have been for the past couple of decades.”

Jerry Dipoto, Mariners GM


If it don’t touch my soul then I can’t listen to it.

— Big K.R.I.T.

I’ve been feeling this line fairly hard as I’ve been sorting through music this week.