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The Seattle Kraken have this habit of losing a lot of their games late. 🏒

Today, I learned about the aspect-ratio tag for CSS. I used it on my iframe and embed tags, so YouTube videos now show up on my site without being shrunk down.

Robert Glasper x Killer Mike x Big K.R.I.T?

Sign me up!

“Black Superhero”

It’s crazy just how much bad sleep can feel like an illness. I ended up taking a two hour nap after work and I feel a ton better.

If there’s a silver lining to the Seahawks finishing in last place this year, it’s that next year we get the Jets, Giants, and Lions on the schedule. 🏈

Dark Sky picks up on some of the most random place names on their map.

One thing I need to remember about Day One is my use there counts as “Mindful Minutes” in Apple Health. That’s to say it treats journaling the same way it does meditation.