Hundreds of places with racist names dot the US

Russell Contreras, writing for Axios:

It shows 621 places with the word “negro” in them, including Big Negro Creek in Warren, Ill. — and Negro Foot, Va., an unincorporated community said to have been named in reference to an enslaved person whose foot was amputated to prevent escape.


There are 82 places with the word “redman” (an offensive term for Native Americans), seven places with the term “darkey” (an offensive term for Black Americans), and 11 places with “redskin.”

And you wonder why everything in this country seems to be about race? Because white folks made it that way. Let’s do better.

Apple Music Lossless requires wired headphones, AirPods will only get Spatial Audio

Filipe Espósito, writing for 9to5Mac:

To make things simple, here’s the hardware needed for each new Apple Music feature:

Lossless: a wired headphone (except for AirPods Max with Lightning/3.5mm cable)

Hi Res Lossless: a wired headphone connected to an external DAC

Spatial Audio: any AirPods or Beats model with Apple’s W1 or H1 chip (Apple says that users can manually enable this option for other headphones)

On a related note, Apple Music Lossless will not work with HomePod or HomePod mini. Spatial Audio will also be available on compatible Macs.

So, why are we hyping up lossless audio then? The Spatial Audio feature sounds neat. It’s already a trippy experience when watching a movie, so I can only imagine how immersive an audio track can be, especially one with live instruments. But, it’s a bit disappointing lossless formats won’t work with products like AirPods Max or the original HomePod.

The Beer of the Future Tastes Like Ass

Brian Kahn, writing for Gizmodo:

Their new beer is an anxiety-inducing, foul-tasting nightmare by design. Called Torched Earth, it’s a taste of beer from the future… if humanity doesn’t get its act together.

This is the work of New Belgium, the Colorado brewery behind Fat Tire and the Voodoo Ranger line of IPAs. They’re looking to send a message about what happens if climate change intensifies, since many of the ingredients used to make beer could be at risk.

The resulting beer can be politely described as funky and more artfully described as a turducken of ass flavors.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in this world.

New Belgium has a page dedicated to the Scorched Earth version of Fat Tire and an accompanying video talking about the brew.

Pizza Toast & Coffee: Kissa Būgen

I absolutely love this piece by Craig Mod, showing kissa (Japanese coffeehouse) culture. The videography and feel of this short film are superb.

Būgen is a small kissa in a suburb south of Tokyo. It was featured in the book Kissa by Kissa. Proprietor Yamane-san has survived four bouts of cancer and has run his cafe for close to forty-five years. He makes a mean pizza toast with a unique cutting style. Pizza toast is a staple of kissa culinary culture.

🔗 Seattle’s Long Lost Punk Record

Before Seattle’s Duff McKagan went on to become the bassist for Guns N’ Roses and before Mother Love Bone started influencing the city’s grunge sound, there was The Living.

I initially missed this part of ESPN’s NHL announcement:

The NHL’s out-of-market streaming package (NHL.TV) is also moving to ESPN+ as part of its subscription offerings.

I mean, that’s money saved and watching up to four games at once. 🏒

John Gruber, writing about Trump’s new blog:

The word is blog. He doesn’t have a “new communications platform” — he has a blog. Which is good! He should have had a blog like this all along. This is exactly why being kicked off Twitter and suspended from Facebook doesn’t silence or censor Trump, in the same way that being banned from a restaurant doesn’t starve someone.

I loved “Humpty Dance” and “Doowutchyalike” like many. “Oregano Flow” is my favorite Digital Underground joint though. It features Shock G beautifully without reverting to Humpty.

Now the iPad Pro has to live up to the MacBook Air

Dieter Bohn, writing for The Verge:

In short, Apple’s silicon didn’t just catch the Mac up to the iPad, it catapulted the Mac beyond the iPad. The M1 MacBook Air is fast, responsive, has no fan, runs any Mac app I throw at it (including Intel apps) very quickly, and even can run some iPad apps (though that experiment isn’t going super well). It is easily the best general-purpose laptop I’ve used in half a decade.

That big of a leap can’t help but recast the iPad’s development over the years. As just one data point, I’ve used both iPad Pros and M1-based MacBooks as my daily work computer and the MacBook Air has better battery life. An iPad can last for days and days if you just use it for tablet tasks, but log in to all your stuff and run it all day like you do your laptop and it’ll conk out a few hours short of the MacBook Air.

One of the things that made me look at Apple’s MacBook line again was the gains in performance and battery life. Performance was ok on my 2015 MacBook. Battery life quickly became horrendous, making it a thing I constantly kept my eye on while I was hanging out in a coffee shop working on college course work. That’s not how I want to live.

My 2018 iPad Pro still holds up fairly well for most things I do. I don’t really push it with any kind of video editing too often, so I can usually go a few days without charging it. With how I plan on using the MacBook Air I just picked up, I expect the same kind of charging pattern. Two days in and I haven’t pushed it past 50% battery remaining. I’m more than happy with that.