Griffey Update 3

This’ll be a short one. Griffey is now where we want him to be, with his red cells hanging around 30%. With that, I’m able to taper off his meds.

I have another checkup with him next Wednesday to make sure he’s steady. Right now, I think we’re both ready to stop making trips to the vet.

Griffey Checkup 2

I took Griffey in for another blood test this morning and his red cell percentage has basically leveled off. It’s not necessarily a bad thing at the moment, but the veterinarian wants him around 30%, where right now he’s at 23%. In the reading I’ve done, normal is somewhere around 25-45%.

Overall, Griffey seems more like his normal self. He’s asking to play again, getting up in his cat tree, and bouncing around like you’d expect a 12 month old to do. I don’t have much worry for him at the moment, as long as he continues being this way.

I have to take him in again Monday morning, so hopefully his red cell percentage has risen. I think both of us are getting tired of these frequent vet trips.

Your morning lap cat action! 🐈

I have a cat who’s currently protesting tuna.

Griffey Update

Griffey seems to be rebounding well. His red blood cell count was much higher this morning and he’s back to eating, drinking, and talking to everyone he sees. He pretty much sounds like the cat I adopted a few months ago.

There’s only two things which are still on the table for causes for all of this. One is an autoimmune disorder in which is immune system attacks the body itself, or his blood cells in this case. He’ll need to take a daily steroid for the rest of his life if that’s the case. The other is some kind of parasitic invader, like a tick or something of the like. He’s been given an antibiotic for this, and if this is the case, the antibiotic should take the invader out.

The best news is Griffey gets to come home tonight, so he can be loved and snuggled with me. I just have to take him in Saturday morning to make sure everything is good with him. I’m glad my buddy is doing better.

Bad News for Griffey

I didn’t expect to have to write anything like this already.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve noticed Griffey being lethargic and that he basically stopped eating. When I’d try to play with him, he would seem a little interested, but not give much effort. Very unusual for a cat at only a year old. Overall he didn’t seem like himself.

So, I took him into the vet today to get him checked out. Initial scans didn’t show anything and x-rays didn’t show anything particularly alarming. However, when drawing blood samples, they noticed his blood was very thin.

Upon testing, they’ve determined he was severely anemic. We’ve yet to pinpoint a cause at this time, but I’m having a blood transfusion done on him as I write this and he’ll be hospitalized overnight. The best case scenario is he’s sent home with some steroids and antibiotics and he rebounds well. I’m not wanting to think about the bad scenarios yet.

I want the best for this little guy. He’s such a sweet little cat and has been a bright spot for me since I let go of Remy over the summer. Up until this week, he seemed like his usual happy self. I had no clue something could be wrong. My hope is that I caught this early and we can move forward with a happy healthy life.

I’m thankful for the support system I have around me in times like this. I don’t know what I would do without my brother with his emotional and financial support. I hate asking for it, but I’m thankful he’s so willing to help. I have good family support and friends who I know will be there for me. I’m so happy I don’t have to do this alone.

With that, I hope for the best for Griffey.

Griffey in slow motion

Never mind all the toys I’ve bought for Griffey. So far this morning he’s already played with:

  • A toilet paper roll
  • One of my winter gloves
  • A receipt


Having a tug.

Little heathen. 🐈

Came home and saw Griffey sleeping in the window.


Griffey won’t leave my artificial tree alone.

Having a little tug.

Griffey has made a habit of chewing on a few things by my recliner to gain attention, including a lamp shade, a HomePod, and an artificial tree. The distain on his face after I sprayed those things with lemon Lysol was priceless.

I can tell Griffey has been on my counters since there’s teeth marks in my paper towels.

New Cat

Yesterday, I took a trip down to the animal shelter and adopted a new kitten. As fate would have it, I ended up with another ginger cat, this time a medium hair. Basically, Remy, but fluffier. The little guy has a tail like a feather duster.

The choice was between him and another cat, a four month old stray female who looks much like my mom's cat. Something about it being a stray made me nervous, so I went with the cat they called Blaze. I've now renamed him Griffey (after the baseball player) and he's a very vocal little guy. Part of that could be him finding his way, but I've had to remind him to use his inside voice a few times. He purrs practically when touched, loves to be pet, but he hasn't yet settled in to snuggle yet. My only issue with him so far is he seems to want to nibble on my feet. He even slightly broke the skin once last night. I also should get his front paws declawed.

Other than that, I'm just letting him settle in. I'm sure over time he'll calm down once he gets used to everything. I've been told that initially could be a couple weeks. I'll do what I can to keep him happy and healthy.