Shoutout to the dude rolling through my store in a mini golf cart with a red bowling ball finish listening to “Buy U A Drank”.

Got Covid Vaccine #2 Today

Received my second vaccine just now. I hope I don’t have the same kind of soreness I had three weeks ago, as my right shoulder is already hurting (I need a massage badly). The process of coming in was the same as before with basically no wait time. Hopefully this thing is effective and we can all go back to life as normal, or at least some version of that. It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this routine for a year.
There’s a distinct difference in the froth you get when you’re brewing freshly roasted coffee. In this case, it’s my local MetaCoffeeLab’s Muchacho’s Blend, which was roasted on April 2. This is something you’ll never get from grocery store stuff.
I’m curious how the new text to journal feature in Day One will help with habits. I feel like this could be good for some… maybe even myself.
I received my Gary Payton Funko today, so I can have my 90’s Sonics nostalgia on full display.
I’m not sure how the cat typed this. I don’t even know how to make these symbols.