This is the personal online journal of Steven Ledbetter, collecting thoughts on tech, sports, craft beer, and any thing else of interest to myself. Many people call me Skoobs. There’s a simple backstory to that.

I’m currently a team lead at a large chain department store. Never thought I’d reach for that goal, but I’m actually enjoying it.

I currently live in Omaha, NE with my girlfriend and our cats Griffey, Tyrian, and Arya.

Site details

This site is proudly hosted on Micro.blog, running on the Tufte theme with some custom CSS.

Articles and links are curated in Feedbin and posts are often first drafted in Drafts 5.

Use Case

This page has grown into a replacement for a chunk of my social media sharing. I believe in owning or having control of my content, meaning if I want to pick up and go to another service with this site, I can. While this site in a sense replaces direct social media posting, I do post on Micro.blog which then cross-posts to Twitter.

It’s that cross-posting which allows for a comment section. I don’t really like the look or maintenance of a comment system on a website, so I’ve gone without here. That said, if you want to interact, responding to the post on Micro.blog or Twitter works fine. If you have my number or email, I’ll gladly accept conversation there as well.