Omaha is blessed to have two world-class medical centers in town, with the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Creighton University Medical Center. UNMC in particular has an outstanding infectious airborne diseases unit, in which they had some of the first US COVID-19 cases imported in, as well as Ebola cases in the past. The fact they’re in crisis mode says a lot.

What does that mean? Well…

Some examples of how things could be different:

  • You may be contacted to reschedule an appointment
  • There could be fewer outpatient clinic appointments available
  • Your surgery might be postponed
  • If you are involved in an ongoing clinical trial, it may be paused 
  • Medical students and other staff may be used as support personnel 
  • We may need to deny patient transfers  
  • Non-patient care areas like classrooms or conference rooms may be used for patient care 
  • Scarce resources may need to be allocated in a fair and impartial manner

You can read the full announcement here.