Last night, my girlfriend and I went out for pizza to celebrate not killing each other for one year. In all honesty, it’s been the most peaceful first year of a relationship I’ve ever had. We don’t really bicker about much, we respect each other’s space, and we just seem to coexist well.

Not too bad for having no expectations going in. Our first meeting a year ago, I didn’t consider it to be a date. I saw it as an opportunity to hang out with a new friend, someone who I have numerous mutuals with. But, I found myself very comfortable from the beginning.

Since then, every time I open a new door to her, I’m not left wishing I hadn’t done it. She’s a big part of the reason I moved to Omaha. I’ve loved living here ever since, much more than my first go around. We’ve both gotten better jobs since that move. It feels like we elevate each other.

All of this despite being much different people on the surface. She’s much more an adult product of 80s hair metal and Star Wars fandom. You could say I’m the product of the golden era of hip-hop, but I know I’m more of a strange mixed bag that’s delved into hipsterism and techy geek stuff. I told her once I didn’t think I was her type, and she told me maybe that’s the point.

So, here we are, a year later. Now if only the cats will get along.