“Steve Jobs was famous for his long strolls around the tree-lined Silicon Valley neighborhood where he lived. If you were in his inner circle, you could expect invitations to join him for what was sure to be an intense conversation. Ironically for the inventor of the iPhone, Jobs was not the type of person who would be interested in maintaining important relationships through ongoing drips of digital pings.”

– Cal Newport in Digital Minimalism

I’ve recently started taking walks after I get off work to decompress. No headphones, just the sounds of my neighborhood, which is reasonably quiet. I’ve been meaning to invite my girlfriend to join me on these when she’s home before I am, or would be willing to wait until she is home.

We have a set up in our apartment where we both have our own TV watching areas. Sometimes we drift into each other’s spaces, but we mostly spend time watching our own stuff. Taking a walk together would at least give us a chance to have a good conversation or enjoy some silence. Both are good.