This past Thursday, I took on a new role at my job as a temporary General Merchandise Team Lead at my current store. This is the first time in my life I’ve taken on a leadership role. I’m at the point in my life where I need to be able to do adult things. Frankly, more money helps with that. So, whatever I have to do to achieve this, I’m willing to do.

As for the temporary part of this, it basically amounts to an internship. At some point in January, I’ll be asked if I want to stay on. If I accept, I’ll either have the chance to stay on with my current store (there are two temps, but one final spot in my area), or to look for a chance at another store. With numerous stores remodeling in the new year, there will be openings.

I’m only three days in, but my perspective of things is already changing. In the role I’ve been in for the past couple of years, I was very centralized. My concern was with what was right in front of me at that moment. Now, it’s becoming more of a bird’s-eye view of everything, seeing how the different parts affect one another. It’s interesting to me.

I’m excited for the challenges ahead of me. I have enough confidence in myself to know I can handle it. My current store has been more than supportive of me for the three months I’ve been there. Just good vibes all around.

I haven’t much of a scene like I usually do about this, but I rewarded myself with an Apple Watch Series 7. I’m really enjoying it so far. Between the better pay, working some OT, and using my Series 5 as a trade in, I should have it taken care of shortly. I’ll write more thoughts on the Series 7 soon.