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Building a Journaling Habit

Rahul Chowdhury:

The only rule is that there are no rules

A month ago, when I started journaling again, I decided to follow a free thought journaling approach.

The idea is essentially this:

I write whatever’s in my mind.

No guidelines. No bullet points to fill. No columns to draw.

Raw thoughts transferred from my head to a digital paper.

If you look at my journal entries, it’ll be challenging to find a pattern.

I’ve recently done something similar, with a couple of different approaches. I’ve become more proactive about sharing to both my personal site and to Day One, my journaling app of choice. If I’m sticking with only text, I will often write with Drafts 5. I have an action which shares to my site on and I simply added another action to also share to Day One. If there’s an image involved, I’ll start in Day One and then push out to Ulysses, since it handles images better, before exporting out to my site. Finally, if I just want to keep something to myself, it stays in Day One.

This method has been helping me populate my journal more. I don’t use journalling just to post how I’m feeling at the moment, but it’s also a dump bin for things I want to reference later, like maybe a beer I tried or a place I visited.

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