11 Aug 2021

Shawn Blanc's first impressions of Glass, the new photo sharing app

From The Sweet Setup:

It’s like Flickr in that it has a strong emphasis on community and quality and a little bit of photog nerdery. And it’s like Instagram in that it’s an easy-to-use, photo sharing iPhone app.

The app is very fast, very smooth, and very clean. You can tell that Tom and Stefan care about sweating the details, and it shows

As of this writing, I’m sitting at 1,285 on the waiting list. That said, initial impressions of Glass have been good. I’m by no means an expert photographer, but I would be willing to follow certain accounts, even if it meant paying for it. A positive app experience would be worth it too.

I know some people who would thumb their nose at paying for something they can get for “free”, but I can speak on the user experiences being better for services I’ve paid for. The only major disadvantage to many of these services is I don’t have any of my real life friends on them. Oh well.