05 Aug 2021

On Biking more

David Munson, writing on his blog

Most adults seem to have forgotten what all kids know with certainty: a bicycle is a tool of personal freedom, an implement of liberty. Want to go? Just go. Get on and roll. No license necessary, nor gasoline, nor keys for the ignition.

One of my goals when I get to Omaha is to ride more. Like David, I have a bit of an ugly duckling of a bike. I found it laid out by a neighbor’s trash. I immediately had it sent in for a tune up, where it also received new breaks, break cables, and a new chain. It’s remained the same since.

The biggest detractors from me riding more is when wintertime hits Nebraska, I stop riding since it’s way too cold and occasionally icy. This leaves me out of shape and frankly it’s a bit much to get going again. One advantage I’ll have at my new place is some stationary bikes inside the gym on the property. Hopefully, that’ll keep my legs in proper riding shape so I can get back outside once the weather warms up. The main thing for me is I want to be able to get up and go whenever without it feeling like a chore.

I’ll have a good trail and some nearby stores in my area to make for some destinations for me. All things considered, I should have little excuse to get back out there once I’m in Omaha.