Changing Spaces Soon

In a little under a month, I’m moving 45 minutes up the road back to Omaha. Between things going well with my girlfriend and me and my lease running up at the end of this month, we both agreed to sharing a space together. It’ll be nice to have her around more and to not have to commute an hour to enjoy that time.

We’re getting a two-bedroom apartment, since we’ve both been solitary people for quite a while now. Not only have we both accumulated a lot of our own personal stuff, but we’re also looking to have our own personal spaces. She’s taking over the extra bedroom, and I’m taking over the office/den area for myself. Everything in between will be shared.

I’m looking forward to my space in particular. I plan on having my computer desk and a small TV in there. Furthermore, I eventually want to get a monitor that I can use with my MacBook along with hooking any video game systems up to it. This room is also why I’ve started acting on any cord tucking with my desk. This space will be about as clean and organized as any space I’ve ever had. I also suspect this is where Griffey will spend a lot of time since he loves my desk chair and his cat tree will be in there as well.

Of course, there’s a part of me that’s a little apprehensive about giving up the space I have now. Trust, I can only do this with someone I approve of on every level. It’s good to have someone who is as involved in this process in the way my girlfriend has been in all of this.

Things are starting to feel like they’re accelerating quite a bit. We’re getting to the point of having utilities moved over, and I’ll get internet set up there soon. Everything is happening. I just hope the cats get along.