25 Jun 2021

Daily Thought - June 25, 2021: the iOS Weather app

In what seemed like a blip on the radar for some, I was personally stoked Apple finally improved the stock weather app on iOS. I’ve always loved the design of the weather app, especially since iOS 8 when everything on the OS became flat. It looked great & had a decent amount of information. Yet, for one reason, it was always lacking basic weather maps.

This was the kind of thing that drove me to testing out third party weather apps on the iPhone. For the most part, I’ve stuck with Carrot Weather, due to its deep level of information, radar layers, and customizability. However, there’s now a decently steep subscription price on the app, since server access costs money, along with the developer actually wanting to eat at some point.

Stock apps on the other hand are free to use. To see Apple add the level of detail to the stock weather app they did may leave it as the only weather app on my phone when I do finally install iOS 15. Now, if they would only make Weather for the iPad.