I Have to See Things For Myself

I’m due to head to the Atlanta area in a few weeks to attend my cousin’s wedding. As happy as I am for him, I’m also happy weddings are becoming a thing again. I’m happy this is a thing I feel I can do safely, since I’m fully vaccinated.

But, I’m heading to the Deep South. This is where a large majority of the unvaccinated folks in this country live. I’m curious to see just how wild and free folks are being there. Is it as crazy as I’ve seen on TV with hoards of people gathered at all times or is it just people trying to have some sense of normal? Just really how defiant are people about masks?

Yes, the CDC has said those who are fully vaccinated can go without masks now. I live in a city where the mask mandate expired about a week ago. I still wear a mask while I’m on the sales floor, despite being vaccinated, simply because I don’t trust those going without a mask. All of this said, I would say it’s been somewhere around 50/50 for mask wearing. My guess is most going without didn’t accept wearing one in the first place. You get a vibe.

In any case, I’m curious what my travels bring. I’m also just happy I can leave the state for once.