Just Listened: Death Cab for Cutie — Live at the Show Box

Live at the Show Box was released on Bandcamp and made available for 24 hours last Friday. I’ve seen DCFC live once before, and they’re a great band live. They know how to freelance well, and they do a good job replicating their studio sound as well. They also structure their setlist well. I can’t wait to see them again soon.

This recording captures their live performances well. Recorded throughout a three-night residency at Seattle’s iconic Show Box Theater, you can hear Death Cab’s energy and passion throughout, even on the more mellow tracks. I’m not certain if the track listing followed their setlist for their shows at this time, but each one fits perfectly into the next. Overall, this is an enjoyable listen that helps maybe bridge the gap a little until we can see live shows again.

I also have to give bonus points for Ben mentioning the Bremerton ferry.