Just got my first COVID-19 vaccine

Since I’m an “essential worker”, I received a bit of a bump in the line for the COVID-19 vaccine today. Lord only knows if I’ve been in contact with the virus or not over the past year. It frankly wouldn’t surprise me if I had and was a-symptomatic. I’ve only been hit hard with the flu twice in about 20-some years, so I figure my immune system is pretty strong. Still, there’s no need to mess around with this coronavirus for as nasty as it’s been.

The Process

Everything with my local health department is fairly streamlined. I went to the link I was given from my job, filled in my personal information and selected a time. They emailed me confirming after that.

From there, I drove to the vaccination center which was at Pinnacle Bank Arena. I filled out another questionnaire dealing with symptoms and allergens, then moved through the line to be vaccinated. The whole process once I was in the building took about 10 minutes. From there, I sat around (typing this) for about 15 minutes to make sure I didn’t have any reactions to it. I go in for my second shot in three weeks.

I hope people do get vaccinated, so we can go back to some for of normal life after this. I look forward to enjoying life at its fullest soon.