Seattle Storm Unveil New Logo & Identity


The new logo retains the iconic image of the Space Needle, which sits within basketball ribs. Overlooking it all is the peak of Mount Rainier, representing Seattle’s home in the Pacific Northwest. At the center, a lightning bolt evokes the intensity, power, and purpose of the Storm identity both on and off the court.

The logo’s combined elements bring together both the sleek, innovative aesthetic of Seattle with the natural power in the surrounding Pacific Northwest. The new wordmark uses a more futuristic typeface to better represent the fast-paced and forward-moving city the Storm calls home.

The primary colors, Lightning Yellow, a deep Thunder Green, and a brighter Bolt Green, maintain the legacy of the original Storm brand.

This is the first time the Storm have updated their logo, aside from subtracting the 90s-era Sonics red from the original look in 2015. The Storm came into the WNBA as an expansion team in 2000 as a sister club to the NBA’s SuperSonics. They’ve remained the only professional basketball presence in the city since the Sonics were stolen from Seattle in 2008. Their persistence in using some form of the Sonics original green and gold always makes me smile.