Griffey seems to be rebounding well. His red blood cell count was much higher this morning and he’s back to eating, drinking, and talking to everyone he sees. He pretty much sounds like the cat I adopted a few months ago.

There’s only two things which are still on the table for causes for all of this. One is an autoimmune disorder in which is immune system attacks the body itself, or his blood cells in this case. He’ll need to take a daily steroid for the rest of his life if that’s the case. The other is some kind of parasitic invader, like a tick or something of the like. He’s been given an antibiotic for this, and if this is the case, the antibiotic should take the invader out.

The best news is Griffey gets to come home tonight, so he can be loved and snuggled with me. I just have to take him in Saturday morning to make sure everything is good with him. I’m glad my buddy is doing better.