From Common’s book, Let Love Have the Last Word:

“We should care for one another as an act of love, as a way to express love in action, but loving other people comes with a price. Love never leaves us, but people do, and it hurts. A broken heart can feel devastating; it feels like grief, as though someone died, as though you’re mourning yourself, or a version of yourself, gone from you forever.

Love is a beautiful and wonderful emotion that can simultaneously gut us from the inside out, so we keep it at arm’s length, and perhaps engage love with some skepticism, with some distrust. I wonder how many people love their spouses but are, at the same time, afraid of the pain their spouses could cause and, with this fear in mind, never quite commit all of themselves to their marriages and partnerships, as if they’re protecting a little bit of themselves in a jar inside a bomb shelter, just in case things blow up.”