January 6, 2021

I'm angry...

  • At the sitting president for inciting this bullshit for the past five years.
  • At all the news networks who showed his rallies live and unfiltered.
  • At social media websites for voting this dickhead a platform to spew his untruths largely unfiltered and for giving his followers a platform to organize and mobilize.
  • At all the people who condemned people asking for basic human rights and decency while saying all the ways they protested was wrong, all while backing police officers who frequently harass and even kill black and brown people over minor offenses or even no offense at all.
  • At all the people who stayed silent these last for years, or gave excuses for all of this, citing the economy or some other bullshit that you’ve been fed.

I’m angry, I’m tired, and not really in the mood to be nice about it.