A little story…

Today was one of those days where I’m feeling it. After the holiday season, a time when you run a thousand miles an hour all the time in retail, I tend to feel a bit of a crash. It takes me about a week, but for that time I’m a bit sluggish.

Add in today, we got hit by a decent snowstorm, enough to prompt multiple call outs, and work was a bit heavy. Ended up staying a little bit late to help some folks and to finish up some things on my end. This goes to say I’m drained upon leaving.

I didn’t feel like cooking, so I went for takeout. Went to the drive thru, which is kinda goofy in that you can enter from two sides. I saw a couple cars were already there, so I was patient and let them in first. Got to where I could order my food, then pulled up to the window to pay, only to find the people in front of me paid my bill. How cool of them! I totally didn’t expect that.

After a long day, that was a nice thing to have happen. So, to whomever that person was, thank you! I’ll pay it forward with a nice gesture of my own soon.