Anthony Tommasini, writing for The New York Times:

Most of these recordings are available online. But not organized in volumes like archival documents, with extensive notes, essays and information.

I too still have many of the CDs I’ve collected over the years. I even have prized possessions within those. That said, I can’t say I’ve pulled them out in quite some time. As I speak, I don’t currently have any piece of equipment out to listen to them on. Still, I don’t see myself giving them up. There’s things about CDs (or LPs) that make it worthwhile to me. The photos within the liner notes and even the liner notes themselves. I like reading through the liner notes of each album by The Roots, as Questlove always tells backstories within them.

There is something to be said about listening to albums in their entirety. Many albums are meant to be heard from front to back. Each of Kendrick Lamar’s past few albums have been concept albums, for example. Even if it’s not a concept album, the artist and producers often have a reason for why songs are ordered the way they are. I feel like I need to get back to this.

An idea bouncing around in my head is to listen to an album a day. This is where I sit down, but headphones on, and just listen to an album from front to back uninterrupted. I’m not saying I’ll do this every day, because life is life and I’m not trying to put pressure on myself like that. But, I like this concept. I’m up for suggestions.