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How COVID is Changing Japanese Communities

VICE Asia put together an interesting short documentary on how COVID is effecting cities like Tokyo, where more people are leaving the city than moving in. This is a trend which has gone on for about three months straight.

COVID has made me consider how I go about my life. I think about what’s important to me, how I want to live. I’m seeking a change in career and as I do, I think about wether I want to be remote.

I think about moving out west. If I move back to the Pacific Northwest, do I live in a place like Seattle or Tacoma, or do I go to somewhere less crowded like Bremerton or Gig Harbor? I think about my current situation living in a smaller city, somewhere which doesn’t have horrible commutes compared to other cities.

I’m betting I’m not the only one thinking about issues much like this. For years, people have converged into urban areas. Are we to the point where we start to spread out more?

H/t Chris Hannah