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Testing Night Mode on the iPhone 12

I went out to Branched Oak State Lake last night to hang out with a friend who was camping for a bit. I thought it was a good opportunity to test out some Night Mode photography with my iPhone 12. With shots at dusk, I’m noticing a dramatic improvement over my old iPhone X. There’s much less noise than I’ve seen before.

About an hour later into the evening, things still look pretty good. Here’s where Night Mode starts kicking into gear. When I snapped a photo, a timer starts with instructions to hold still. At this point I’m picking up more light than what was available.

What I really love is how stars show up. The second shot shows Jupiter and Saturn (left side).

A little past two hours after sunset puts Night Mode to the test. I’m curious if I was pulling in light pollution from Lincoln or if the the camera was attempting to overcompensate. I feel like it could be a little bit of both. I really like the last shot, however, despite the blur caused by the longer aperture. Colors look really good here.

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