Pondering a New iPhone

When the iPhones 12 were announced, the time had finally come for me to explore updating my device. For the last three years I’ve been running with an iPhone X, so anything coming out in 2020 would be a significant upgrade. There’s also the updated design, which resembles Apple’s current iPad Pro line, which I find extremely enjoyable in both how it looks and how it feels to hold.

I’m really intrigued by the iPhone 12 mini, as I see it as somewhat of an in between of the iPhone X and the original iPhone SE. I like the idea of having a smaller iPhone, one I could easily use with one hand without stretching my thumb to get to the far upper corner. However, preorders for that device don’t start until this Friday, November 6.

So, I did some snooping around on Apple’s website today and found I could have a normal sized iPhone 12 as early as tomorrow. That’s a very tempting proposition. So, which iPhone 12 is best for me? Since the internals are exactly the same, let’s do a size comparison:

iPhone SE iPhone X iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12
Height 4.87” 5.65” 5.18” 5.78”
Width 2.31” 2.79” 2.35” 2.82”
Screen size 4” 5.8” 5.4” 6.1”

One thing I’ll say about the first generation iPhone SE is it does feel slightly cramped in the hand. As you can see, there’s only a difference in width of .04” between the iPhone SE and iPhone 12 mini, so there’s a chance I could feel the same way about the iPhone 12 mini. That said, there’s no bezel on the iPhone 12 mini like there is on the SE, so maybe the difference is closer to .1” in terms of feel, but I’m still not sure that’s enough to not have it feel cramped.

That basically leaves me ready to pull the trigger on the normal sized iPhone 12. I’m thinking I’ll get it in blue.