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The Dreariness of Election Week

Well, it’s all in your face now (if you live in the US), isn’t it? As I write this, there’s two more days until Election Day. I’m personally one of those who didn’t vote early, but I’m sure even if I did, I’d feel some form of anxiety this week.

America let me down four years ago. I remember Election Night 2016, I was out doing Tuesday night trivia with a few friends. I remember watching the election results come in. I remember the disbelief seeing things turn for the worst. I never felt that way before. Not even when Bush won his second term, not by a landslide.

Too many took things for granted that night. Many abstained from voting while many others voted third party, as they were disenchanted with the two major party picks. I’m guessing the majority of those two group thought there would be no way Clinton would lose that election. In the end, the results were too close, which leaves it in the hands of the Electoral College, which tends to swing in favor of the conservative nominee when it’s as close as it was.

President Obama won both terms by drawing a larger number of voters compared to normal. It appears that’s happening again, which is promising. Chances are, we won’t know who won this election by next weekend. This may very well be Election Month. But, the pressure is on this week, especially on Tuesday. I only hope good prevails this time around.