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An Escape

If there’s one thing about having a kitten, it’s when they get active they tend to stay active for quite some time. This makes it hard for me to sort my thoughts out sometimes, which I need to do when I come home from work, for example.

Luckily, I have a place in my home to escape. I have a desk in my bedroom which only has a desk lamp on it. My bedroom itself is fairly quiet. I have a small TV and a HomePod in here, but outside of the TV I have no electronics that emit a huge amount of light. I purposely keep any computers and hard drives out of this room to limit nighttime distractions.

It also gives me a place I can go to journal, like I’m doing now. I’m able to close the door, sit at my desk, and type away on my iPad. I have a fan running at all times in here which adds a small amount of white noise, but even with the window open, it’s still pleasantly quiet in here. Thankfully, Griffey doesn’t pound on closed doors like my previous cat Remy did.

I’m not always able, or even willing, to take a walk. I just need to remember I have this spot.

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