October 6, 2020

Trump, Laboring to Breathe, Says He’s Fine and Everything Else Will Be Too if You Just Believe Him

Elliot Hannon, writing for Slate:

It seems like Trump was going for a real FDR moment, but instead was laying down end of days messianic dictator vibes. We’ll have to wait for the polling, or actual voting, but the painfully forced theatrics might juuust be coming off to the American people more like the crazy uncle who’s lost it and checked himself out of the hospital against medical advice and now is standing on your front doorstep wearing a hospital gown wanting to run the government again. Despite the propaganda of personal wellness whirling in Trump’s head, during his return to the White House, when not staging his own vitality, the president looked bad. And is breathing appeared labored.

The problem I have here is this president has given me no reason to believe him on anything.