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10 Days Sans Facebook

10 days ago, I shared a post, which marked my exit from Facebook until at least after Election Day. I deleted the apps from my mobile devices (including Instagram) and already had the site blacklisted on my devices through the app 1Blocker.

I totally get the addictive properties of the site. Many times I’ve been on my phone and felt the urge to look, yet I’ve resisted. But, I don’t miss the garbage I saw daily on the site. Often people I followed would get the 30 day mute, even some I consider close friends. I see what the incumbent does daily through my RSS feeds, I don’t really need it elsewhere. Unlike Twitter, which I manipulate heavily through a third party app, there’s no real good, secure way to filter the noise on Facebook.

Being we’re in a Covid world here in the US, there hasn’t been much concern over missing any events. I did miss out on an Oktoberfest event at my favorite bar, but I was working anyways so no worries. There’s still plenty of seasonal brews around.

Overall, I’m happy being off the site. We’ll see come November where I stand, but I could be comfortable enough to delete my account all together. I’ve seen plenty of posts on the web with a good step by step of things to do to guide me the right way. Until then, I’ll continue posting my happenings here and yelling about the Stanley Cup Finals on Twitter1.

  1. Go Bolts! [return]