I have a Twitter list I’ve been using to catch video of this storm as it slowly makes landfall near Gulf Shores, Alabama, about 20 miles from where I grew up in Pensacola, FL. I always pay closer attention to hurricanes in this area, not only because of my personal attachment to the place, but my step mom still lives there.

If I have a little peace of mind, it’s in that I know the house my step mom lives in, since I grew up in it. It’s elevated, with a drainage ditch behind the property. It sits north of the Cat 5 evacuation zone, so storm surge isn’t an issue. Most tall pines have been removed.

That said, they appear to be getting the outer eye wall there, with winds approaching 100 mph. I’ve also heard reports of around 18 inches of rain as of 6 AM this morning. I hope to check in later this morning with my step mom.