Apple News+ has been a service which I've been back and forth on. I'll subscribe for a month or so, lose interest and unsubscribe, only to resubscribe a few months later. My biggest issue was consistently wanting to take time to read articles. This is a general issue I have with reading, if I'm being honest.

Recently, Apple debuted audio within its News+ service. Included is Apple News Today, a daily news briefing which runs somewhere between 5-10 minutes. Also included is a selection of narrated articles from a select list of publications.

I first checked out an article on John Legend in this month's issue of Variety. Once finished, it transitioned to another article from the curated "For You" section, which tries to pick stories based on your interests and reading history. I listened while I was working yesterday and found this as a nice way to digest articles when I'm not able to sit down and actively read. Without audio, there's a chance I may have never encountered these articles in the first place, so I'm finding it as a welcome addition to Apple News+.