August 27, 2020

Noms: Muchachos

I've raved about Muchachos many times before. As a food truck, they've been known for their smoked meat tacos with housemade salsas featuring New Mexican Hatch chiles. Well, owner Nick has been doing quite well with the business that he's now opened a brick & mortar joint in downtown Lincoln. So, I took a trip down to check the place out.

While most of the food options that were offered before are here now, one place where going brick and mortar gives the place an advantage is the ability to offer different coffee drinks using local roaster MetaCoffeeLab, tea, and a range of beer, most of which is local. There are also a few CBD options that can be added to coffee or some CBD-infused chocolates. I look forward to trying this when I don't have to go to work later in the day.

The vibe of the place is awesome. It very much has a coffee house vibe with just a hint of BBQ joint. It really comes across as a coffee house that happens to serve tacos. There's just a really chill feel to the place.

There's no question I recommend checking Muchachos out. I look forward to watching this place grow.

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