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New Cat

Yesterday, I took a trip down to the animal shelter and adopted a new kitten. As fate would have it, I ended up with another ginger cat, this time a medium hair. Basically, Remy, but fluffier. The little guy has a tail like a feather duster.

The choice was between him and another cat, a four month old stray female who looks much like my mom's cat. Something about it being a stray made me nervous, so I went with the cat they called Blaze. I've now renamed him Griffey (after the baseball player) and he's a very vocal little guy. Part of that could be him finding his way, but I've had to remind him to use his inside voice a few times. He purrs practically when touched, loves to be pet, but he hasn't yet settled in to snuggle yet. My only issue with him so far is he seems to want to nibble on my feet. He even slightly broke the skin once last night. I also should get his front paws declawed.

Other than that, I'm just letting him settle in. I'm sure over time he'll calm down once he gets used to everything. I've been told that initially could be a couple weeks. I'll do what I can to keep him happy and healthy.

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