July 30, 2020

Teacher strikes possible in Arizona, Florida, Texas

Juan Parez Jr., writing for Politico:

Educators are not going to be able to teach kids “if people are scared to death,” Weingarten said Wednesday. “And if people die while they are educating kids, you eviscerate any credibility that you would have going forward about whether or not a school is safe.”

I get the feeling teacher strikes could be possible across the country. Everyone seems to get the vibe sending kids back to packed classrooms, even at half capacity, is a bad idea. Striking might be the best way to keep everyone safe if sending kids back is the route school boards choose to take.

From my understanding, kids where I live haven’t been required to send their Chromebooks back as of yet, so they seem to be equipped to stay home if asked to. I just hope they are. The hurdle to face with that is if jobs are willing to let parents work from home to supervise their children. Given the fact both Google and Apple are keeping their employees at home into next year, you know just two companies building the operating systems of the future, then I know pretty much every other office-based company can do the same.