July 29, 2020

Celebrating Remy's Gotcha Day

It’s now been ten years since Remy entered my life. I was looking for a cat to call my own after moving into a new place. I initially had my eye on a big grey fluff ball at a local pet store. I told my mom about it and she went to go check it out only to find it had been adopted. She was discussing how I was looking for this cat aloud in the store with her boyfriend at the time, when a lady asked if she was looking for a cat. This lady had found a couple kittens who had survived a house fire and she had been taking care of them since. Unfortunately, one of them didn’t make it long after the fire, so only the one was left, but he seemed to be in good health.

Mom explained it wasn’t her that was looking for a cat, but that it was me instead. Mom called me from the pet store to ask if I wanted to take a look at the cat and I agreed, so a day later we went to the house to check him out.

What I found was this little orange kitten, barely three months old and full of life. The little guy would play with pretty much everything (see above). His name at the time was Sunny and he seemed to take to me right away. I instantly agreed to take him home. I’ll always remember him trying to paw at me through the cat carrier as I drove home with him that day.

I brought him into the house and went straight to my room with him, where I planned on him to stay for the next couple of days so his scent would get on everything and so he would get familiar with mine1. I set him up with a water dish and a food dish and he settled right in.

In many ways, he was your typical kitten. Loved to play at all hours of the day, many times waking me up in the middle of the night. But, the moment I knew I there was no way I’d give him up was about three days into having him when I was laying in bed and he hopped up next to me and curled up underneath my right arm. From that point on, he was a cuddler and he became a source of comfort in the years to follow.

This Gotcha Day is a bit different this time. If you’ve been following this page, you know why. But, I’m not here to focus on the sad news today. I’m here to focus on the joy Remy has brought me over the last decade. I couldn’t ask for a better cat than he has been. He’s been so full of love and I couldn’t help but to love him back.

  1. To this day my bedroom is his safe space. [return]