July 17, 2020

Twitter announces new API that opens more features to third-party apps

Filipe Espósito, writing for 9to5Mac:

Today, Twitter is announcing its new Twitter API v2, which was completely rebuilt with new features. One of the highlights of the new Twitter API is the real-time tweets stream — one of the options removed in the past. Third-party apps can once again load new tweets as they’re published and not just after a period of time.

Other changes to the API include conversation threading, polls, pinned tweets, better spam filter, and advanced search. The Twitter v2 API will be available on three different levels: Standard, Academic Research, and Business.

The Standard level offers access to basic features of Twitter for free, which is useful for development purposes and small apps. The Academic Research level allows developers to access more data about public conversations such as user behavior on a specific subject. And with the Business level, developers will have full access to Twitter features and data, which is great for popular apps.

I’m glad to see Twitter come around on this. I’m a big fan of Tweetbot and Twitteriffic on both iOS and macOS. Twitteriffic, in particular, has some really powerful filtering tools which I rely on.