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On the Universal DH ⚾️

ESPN was talking the universal DH in MLB this morning. I kinda hate it, because I’m a purist in that sense. I grew up watching the Braves pitchers compete to be good at it. But, that was also 20 years ago and pitchers really suck at hitting now. It’s to the point they usually kill a rally.

I also grew up watching Edgar Martinez, a player who the DH rule saved his career. That career led him to the Hall of Fame a year ago. I would have much rather watched Edgar hit over the likes of Randy Johnson. Another lifelong DH who will most likely be a first ballot Hall of Famer is David Ortiz. Without the DH, we would have never seen Big Papi’s heroics. Who knows if the Red Sox would have won a World Series during his time there without the DH.

Bottom line, the DH rule is implemented everywhere in professional American baseball on a regular basis, except the National League. That means you have pitchers who may go years without seeing live pitching. The DH rule keeps players healthy, prolongs careers, and adds a higher entertainment value to the average fan. I think traditionalists like me will adjust just fine.