YouTube TV made news yesterday when they announced a $15 price bump for their service from $50 to $65 per month. That’s a fairly significant price hike, to say the least. This comes with the addition of Viacom-owned networks like MTV, BET, and VH1.

This left me wondering what the competition looks like currently. With that in mind, I have a few requirements. First, the more live sports channels, the better. Even though there isn’t much going on for live sports at the moment, there’s still some, mostly overseas (I’m watching an English Premier League match as I type this). Secondly, to even be considered, I want local channels. This eliminates Philo, Sling, and Fubo for me.

Lastly, I currently have a subscription to HBO Max, which is currently fed in as a legacy Apple TV Channel. I’ll take this setup as long as I can get it, since original HBO content is still downloadable through the Apple TV app. Even if this was forcefully discontinued by HBO, I’ll gladly switch to the HBO Max app since I watch enough content there to justify paying for the service. With that said, I include HBO Max in my calculations. AT&T TV Now’s $80 package includes HBO Max, a $15/mo service on it’s own.

So, how do the major players stack up?

YouTube TV Hulu Live TV AT&T TV Now
Locals * * *
ACC * *
BET * *
BTN * * *
CBS Sports * * *
Comedy Central * *
Discovery * *
ESPN * * *
ESPN 2 * * *
ESPN U * * *
FS1 * * *
Fox SN * * *
NBCSN * * *
Olympic * * *
SEC * * *
TBS * * *
TNT * * *
USA * * *
VH1 * *
Vice *
Total Cost w/ HBO Max $80 $70 $80

As much as I’m annoyed by the price hike, I’m still in the best place with YouTube TV. Hulu Live TV comes in a little cheaper, but that comes with some limitations, like having to pay extra to watch live channels away from home. AT&T TV Now has some personal advantages for me, like unlimited viewing over my cellular data since I have AT&T and tight integration with Apple TV which allows me to change channels with Siri. Unfortunately, they lack a decent amount of the channels I have and watch currently. With that said, I’m sticking with YouTube TV.