June 27, 2020

What It Was Like to Be the Only Other Person in the Studio With Prince, According to His Engineer Peggy McCreary

Sam Sodomsky, writing for Pitchfork,

Working with Prince—whose high maintenance, technophobic intensity still seems to summon an anxious tug in McCreary’s voice—was no easy feat. “I appreciated him a lot more when I wasn’t working with him,” she jokes now. Like every frequent Prince collaborator, McCreary has great stories. Even though she says those endless hours in the studio rendered her memory foggy, she remembers him deciding at midnight that “Purple Rain” needed a string section, and how she taught him to use a mixing board so she could watch “Dallas” in the break room every once in a while. And if it weren’t for Prince, she might still be a smoker: He demanded she quit so that she’d stop taking breaks in the middle of their sessions.

I can only imagine Prince’s level of focus to achieve perfection.