June 17, 2020

Where I Stand With Writing

More and more I’ve become more in favor of writing to my own personal page or to a digital journal before sending anything to social media. Even though my blog posts syndicate to Twitter, it’s origins are my personal site. I have two things in mind when I do this. First, it’s control. I want to have control over how I write. I don’t want character limitations or some kind of terms of service overhead that’s unrealistic. I also don’t want to adhere to any algorithms. An example would be how Facebook was deeming any post dealing with coronavirus to be against their terms of service, even if the post contained helpful information.

Lastly, I write to remember. I want to have something where I can use a keyword search or tags where I can quickly bring up a memory or what I thought of a beer I had.

My one go to tool I have at the moment is the app Drafts 5. It has a clean, simple, & distraction free interface, yet it allows me to set up workflows I can run as actions which push my words out to where I want them. My two main destinations are my personal page hosted with and the digital journaling app Day One. Both of these are available wherever I am, either on mobile while I’m on the go or on my desktop while I’m at home.

Day One is where I send thoughts I want to keep to myself. Maybe I’m just clearing my head or maybe it’s just a thought I don’t deem worth sharing. It could be a travel note or a bad day at work. I love Day One because of how it displays my words and keeps them safe and encrypted. I also love the metadata it pulls in from my location, the current weather, and how many steps I’ve had during the day. One last little feature I’ve been seeking to use more of late are the journal prompts it provides, since it makes me think of things I maybe wouldn’t have otherwise.

My personal site is my social media hub. The things most people would share on social media, like photos, their hot takes, or something about a vacation they’re on are things I would share on my site. Understand I have no likes or metrics on my site, so any seal of approval or spark of interest from others comes from conversation through either the community or from Twitter where my site syndicates to.

More and more I’m trying to find better structure in how I post online. What I mean by this is when I post a link, I want a standard format for how that kind of post is displayed. I’ve achieved this with my beer reviews, but other areas I’m still figuring out what I think looks good and is easy to follow. I think I’m getting an idea of what I want though.

The important thing is to do this for myself. I’m not the kind of person who can keep everything bottled up, so for my own mental health, writing is key. If people end up enjoying what I share, then great.