June 15, 2020

What's on my Apple Watch

Things (top left) - The task manager I use for my daily routines. This is the stuff I have to do. The watch app shows items marked for today.

Carrot Weather (top right) - A much deeper and more customizable weather app than the stock option.

Sunrise/Sunset (bottom right) - Helps me get a feel for the day.

Breathe (bottom left) - I'm trying to do breathing exercises more, so putting this front and center should help.

Fantastical (sub-dial top) - My favorite calendar app. The complications are cleaner to me and I love how the app itself displays things.

Activity (sub-dial right) - My daily movement stats for the day.

Carrot Weather (sub-dial bottom) - In this case, I want to see what the dew point is. It gives me a good indicator of how comfortable it's going to be.

World Clock (sub-dial left) - Set to Pacific Time, this gives me an idea of what time it is where one of my best friends live. Even though I can do the simple math, this clicks with my brain faster.